SEESAW as a part of your everyday life scenery

What is SEESAW?

SEESAW is an interior ornament art piece which indicates the state of information on the internet by physically tilting the aluminum seesaw with an crystal ball illuminated in various colors.

SEESAW interacts with any kinds of informations provided via WebAPIs, so it is applicable in various fields such as in healthcare, energy, stocks, project management, fortune telling, future prediction by AI, you name it. With Upraising IoT and bigdata, there will be millions of applications.

It is simple and the most intimate, elegant way of monitoring informations in your living room or office, giving you mild awareness as a part of your everyday life scenery, that eventually let you develop a deep insight towards that information.

WebAPIs seesaw


How is a information reflected to the behavior of SEESAW?

It usually compares the current value with the past one. If it's more, SEESAW tilts with the ball to your right, and it's less, likewise to your left. So for example, you can grasp how your stock is performing compared with the price you bought them, at a glance. However the way you evaluate the information and then express that information depends on how you program, so it is flexible.

Is the color of the ball fixed to each position?

No. They are controlled separately, which allows you to display two information at a time ... such as tilting for air cleanness and color for health condition, so that you can observe the relation of one to another.

How do you set what information to display to SEESAW?

By PHP programs tailored for each one of SEESAWs in the web server. In other words, it's flexible to remotely control the SEESAW which enables to enhance information variations and also benefits flexible service operations when the products are in market. We will eventually prepare the control webpage for users, so anybody can set their SEESAW to their preference easily without requiring any programming skills.

Does it show information only in one way?

Yes, one way at a time. However, you can set multiple ways to your SEESAW and switch by pressing the button. SEESAW lets you know what kind of information it is currently showing by speaking voice. (currently Japanese only but working on English too)

How does it connect to the internet?

Right now, with a hardwire ethernet cable. But it will eventually be wireless by wifi or BLE.

Is it available for sale?

Not yet. SEESAW is still on prototyping phase. But we are working on the mass-production model right now, and eventually SEESAW will be available via web shops and real stores in world wide.

Interested in applying SEESAW to my service.

Please contact to, and we will keep you updated with business informations in depth. SEESAW should help you engage to your customers providing an intimate touchpoint to your service. Also check out SEESAW facebook page for general updated informations.

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SEESAW as a part of your everyday life scenery SEESAW as a part of your everyday life scenery
SEESAW as a part of your everyday life scenery SEESAW as a part of your everyday life scenery
SEESAW as a part of your everyday life scenery SEESAW as a part of your everyday life scenery
SEESAW details SEESAW details SEESAW details